Pettis, Taurasi and breakfast cereal.

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So, here we are. Post journey and I finally get some camera time with D.T. But first, I caught Phoenix Mercury assistant coach Bridget Pettis showing off her MJ moves. Go BP!

After practice I got a chance to chat with Diana. Of course, I had a plethora of awesome and cool questions to ask her. When she walked up to me, she said, "What, you got a camera and a mic now? Man, they got you workin'" Needless to say I was once again left speechless and could only get 2 questions to come to mind. Oh well, it was worth it.


All-Star, looking back, and going forward.

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Okay, so here I am, back home in sunny (and rather hot) Phoenix AZ. The journey has come to an end, and I could not be happier. (Well, I’d be even happier if I didn’t have to go back to work. *laugh*)

The All-Star game was something else. I think one of the coolest things by far was seeing all the players I had a chance to interview once again. It was like, “Hey, I know you…”

…but I am getting ahead of myself.

In order to appreciate the All-Star game, let me tell you what fun I had just getting there. It made my hour drive to the Palace in Detroit seem like a cakewalk. First, I took a train (delayed) from NY Penn Station to New London CT. (Yeah, I had no idea where that was either) Then, once at the New London station, I took a cab to wonderful scenic… Uncasville. If you’re thinking, “Man, that sounds like it is in the middle of nowhere!” You’re right. The Mohegan Sun hotel/casino is beautiful from the outside as well as the in…and it is the ONLY thing for MILES around. When you get there, don’t plan to go anywhere else, because quite frankly, there is no where else to go. *laugh*

I checked into my room, made my way upstairs and settled in. I couldn’t believe I was finally going to get to stay in once place for more than few days (4 to be exact.) The rooms at the Mohegan are quite nice; a step up from Days Inn, that is for sure. ( I still liked my room in NY better, but that was for different reasons.) It was interesting that I actually had a chance to unpack. This was something I had not grown accustomed to on my trip, due to such short stays.

However, I did not have long, as the Connecticut Sun were playing that night. I made my way down to the arena, and got the lay of the land, so to speak. I was doing all of my interviews post game, so pre-game time was spent in the media lounge. They were serving, and I kid you not, Philly Steak egg rolls. Hmm, quite an interesting notion, but also very tasty.

While I was waiting for the game to start, I began to reflect on my journey and the many things that had happened. Here is a list of “Fun Facts” that I complied:

12,843 – the number of miles traveled
310 – number of fans on facebook.
595 – number of followers on twitter.
50 – the number of minutes I had to drive from the airport in Detroit to the Palace at Auburn Hills.
4 – longest number of days in one city (Chicago)
3 – number of consecutive games attended. (no break in between)
45.5 – the weight in pounds of my heaviest piece of luggage.
3 – pieces of luggage brought on the journey.
0 – times luggage was lost (Thank you Jesus!)
8 – the number of hotels stayed at
4 – the number of hotel shampoos I stole
11 – the number of flights taken
4 – the number of train rides taken
4 – number of cab rides taken
2 – number of travel delays (1 by plane, 1 by train)
5 – the number of hours of the longest delay (Chicago to Indiana)
8 – number of wins witnessed
4 – number of losses witnessed (Hey, 8 W and 4 L – not bad)
2 – number of hot dogs consumed (Not as many as you’d think. Does the spicy sausage I had in LA count?)
2 – the number of locker rooms I didn’t get to see (Atlanta and San Antonio)
1 – the number of times I was pelted with popcorn for being a Phoenix Mercury fan.
(in Seattle. Doppler, Seattle’s Mascot, did the honors)
7 – number of games sitting courtside.
2 – number of loose balls that I had to duck from
1 – number of loose balls I got hit with (okay it was at an All-Star event, not a game, but it still hurt)
1 – number of marriage proposals via twitter.
0 – number of marriage proposals by any WNBA player *sigh*
1 – number of times I was “spoken to” about not cheering while seated on press row. (Apparently, the press is supposed to be neutral. Yeah, who knew?)
1 – number of free flights I received post trip for all the frequent flyer miles I racked up! (Thanks Southwest!)

So, with the Connecticut game over, and with a win, it was time to head into the locker room. Check out my blog entry, Welcome to Sun country in…Uncasville. For the details.

Prior to the All-Star game, I had a chance to attend a cool community event. Charde Houston, Cappie Pondexter, Katie Douglas, Tamika Catchings and Asjha Jones were on hand to dedicate a new basketball court & lead the kids in some basketball drills. But what really happened behind the scenes? Take a look at the pic below, no caption needed.

The All-Star game was, well, incredible. It was more than a game, as I would call it an experience. This first video showed how I tried to tape the pre-game skills challenge. As you can see, I am not that skilled at taping live action. I did get some cool pre game stuff though.

The next video was as I entered the West locker room past game. I had a chance to chat with Becky Hammon, Sophia Young and I had a chance to meet Tina Thompson’s son, Dylan.

Part three, Sue Bird shows me her bling, Charde Houston eats a mayo sandwich and does the stanky leg (She’ll probably never forgive me for showing the mayo sandwich…lol!) plus I get a few minutes with LJ.

And part four – I catch up with Tamika Catchings, (who got locked out of the locker room, albeit briefly) and I get a quick shot of Erika de Souza. After all that, a quick 10 seconds with D.T.

So here it is, being at the end of the journey. Thanks to everyone who became a fan on facebook, and a follower on twitter. I enjoyed exchanging messages with everyone. Please keep in touch, as I plan on blogging about WNBA stuff for a while. A special thanks to those who purchased my “13 teams” tee shirt. The money raised from those sales will go to the Kay Yow foundation.

Now, it’s almost playoff time. I’m psyched!

Will I do it again? Hmm, we shall see. At least I know I have a once in a lifetime memory that I will treasure, and an experience I will never forget!



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Hey All,

Just found this video of me when I was at the Garden. Cool! Man, this trip was such a whirlwind, glad I have video to remember where I was. LOL!


Welcome to Sun country in…Uncasville?

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Yeah, I never heard of it either, but it is the home to the Mohegan Sun casino/resort, and to the Connecticut Sun. I have to say, staying in a casino resort for a basketball game was quite the new experience, but hey, aren’t new experiences what this trip is all about?

I arrived on game day with only a slight train delay. From the train station I took a cab to the casino/resort/hotel/arena (that is all I can think of for the moment). I arrived to a lovely room at the hotel. It was nice to have comfortable surroundings on my last visit.

For those of you who have not been to the Mohegan Sun arena, let me just say that it is a nice venue for WNBA basketball. Not to big, but not to small (it only holds about 9,000). I was going to get most of my interviews post game, so I just grabbed a bite to eat before the game. Prior to the game, I got Sun head coach Mike Thibault to sign my Olympic team shirt (he was the Asst. coach during the 2008 Olympics) Upon him signing it, the shirt was complete. I now have my 2008 gold medal t-shirt signed by every player and both head coach & asst. coach! This was a great moment! Now I have to figure out how I am going to display this. Hmm, I am sure I will think of something.

The game was a struggle for the Sun, as the Monarchs kept them pinned behind a deficit for a good portion of the game. Then the Sun rallied in the 4th to bring home the win. In all fairness, the Monarchs played a tough game. This was the 4th time I had seen the Monarchs play (3rd as the visiting team) and they really were playing differently this time; much more competitive and with a definite sense of urgency. It is going to be interesting how the Monarchs come out for the 2nd half of the season.

Upon going into the Sun locker room, I greeted guard Erin Phillips. We had a chance to sit down for a quick interview & learn a few things about her teammates. Thanks to Tamkia Whitmore for holding the camera.

Following that interview, I wanted a chance to talk Lindsay Whalen about PB&J then chatted with the Sun rookie, Chante Black (who shot an impressive 2 for 3 from the field w/ 2 blocks in just 9 min). Sandrine Gruda and Amber Holt got in on the action – hilarity ensued!

Well, with that wrapped up, I was ready to take a much deserved break before the All-Star game. However, I found out that none other than Beyonce was going to be performing at the casino the very next night. It was just my luck that there was one (I’m not kidding, just one) ticket left. Was it fate? I think so! The next night, I got a chance to break from basketball and see a great show! I found a vid posted on youtube that someone took from that show. Here’s Beyonce performing ‘Single Ladies!” Enjoy!

Next up – All-Star game!


Start spreadin’ the news…

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Stop #11 takes me to Madison Square Garden, located in New York City (aka, the big apple, the city that never sleeps, etc etc) This was my first time to the city, so it was also my first time to Madison Square Garden, home to the New York Knicks and the New York Liberty.

While I was in NY, I had a chance to see some sights. Check out some NY city landmarks.

When I arrived at “The Garden”, as everyone calls it, I finally got to meet one of my contacts at the WNBA. Hilary Shaev was the one who found me on facebook, and initially contacted me. We have spoken on the phone and emailed for months, and had never formally met. It was nice to put a face to a name. (and she brought me a salad for lunch, how cool is that?) Anyway, we made our way to the media room, and took a few moments to enjoy our salads. It was a welcome change from the hot dogs, nachos and beer I have been living off of for the past three weeks. (…Well, it was light beer, but still…)

Before the game, I had a chance to chat with a couple of the Liberty; Janel McCarville and Ashley Battle. Janel was up first.

After I wrapped it up with Janel, I got a chance to chat with Ashley Ballte. Of course, the cool things Janel suggested I ask Ashley, I completely forgot. However, we did have a surprise visit from Essence Carson, who helped me out and held the camera for the remainder of the interview.

The game was exciting, as New York fought from behind to get the win. This was the third game in three days, and I am now 3 for 3; All three teams I saw all won the games! It was a good thing. During the game though, I had a wonderful opportunity; I got to sit with Donna Orender, president of the WNBA. She was great, and even bought me chicken fingers! (Which she said were one of her favorite things to get at the garden.) I had a chance to share with her a few of the highlights of my trip. We really did not have much time to chat, as I was busy watching the game. LOL!

Post game I hung out in the locker room to say some thank you’s to the players, and congratulate them on a great win.

The next day I headed into the city, to meet up with the folks at the WNBA offices. As I walked around the office, several people knew me from watching my you tube videos. It was rather surreal, but still kind of cool. As I walked thought the different offices, I got to meet several people I have been in touch with, and now have seen them in person. I was very impressed with the WNBA, and thankful that there were so many people in the league who were looking out for me. I sat in on a weekly staff meeting which was quite an eye opener. I can tell you this; a tremendous amount of work goes into everything that comes out of the WNBA; and there was quite an impressive team getting things done.

Well, New York was a great experience, and now, on to my last regular season game to see the Sun in Connecticut.


Game on in our nation’s capital!

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I’ve arrived at our nations capital on stop #10 of my journey, home to the Washington Mystics. The Mystics have been having a good season thus far, so I was anxious to see them play. Fortunately, I did not have any delays; my flight went out right on time. DC was kind of a homecoming and somewhat sentimental for me, as this was where I lived for 3 years while I attended Gallaudet University, both as a visiting student and for graduate school. I was actually staying with one of my best friends, Devlin, who was my roommate in the dorms for 2 years. (I only wish I could have stayed longer)

There was something rather unique to this stop on my journey; something not related to basketball. A little explanation might be required.

As some of you may or may not know, I am dedicating this journey in memory to my good friend Cyndee, who lost her battle with breast cancer last year in April. Well, I think it was fate that Cyndee’s husband found me on facebook. He sent me a very heartfelt message, thanking me for dedicating my journey to Cyndee. (I did get e bit emotional reading it) He then told Cyndee’s mother about my journey, and she in turn contacted Cyndee’s sister Michelle, who lives in Baltimore. With a few messages back and forth on facebook, we were able to coordinate meeting up at the game. Keep in mind, Michelle and I have never met; I only know of her through Cyndee mentioning her a couple of times. Needless to say, I felt nervous & and excited all at the same time. The cool thing was that she was able to get a suite through her employer. Things were getting better and better!

I barely had enough time to grab a quick shower and nap (oh, the nap was sooooo needed) before my friend and I headed to the game. I grabbed a quick bite in the media room, and then headed up to meet Cyndee’s sisiter, Michelle. When I walked into the suite, I saw Michelle and we gave each other a big hug. Although we had never met, it was like we already had. We looked at each other, and though neither of us said much at first, we both knew we had the same thing in common; how much we missed Cyndee. We watched the first half of the game from the comfort of the suite, and planned on watching the rest of the game from the floor.

At the half, I got to meet a couple of twitter buddies, @xwomynjoc & @basketcase1. @basketcase1 begged me not to be in the picture, but I wanted to give props to the fans who’ve been following me, especially the ones I am fortunate enough to meet.

Then I had to head down to the floor for an on court interview about my journey.
It seems that with every area I go to, the showcasing of my journey becomes more and more prominent. (which is kinda cool…) I also noticed that the crowd a large amount of NY fans, which made for quite an entertaining game. The game was a good one as both NY and DC battled it out ‘till the very last second. In the end, the Mystics got the W.

Side note, Devlin and Michelle, neither of whom had attended a Mystics game, both commented how good the game was and how much fun they had. Count two new WNBA fans! Right on!

Once the game was over, Michelle and I said our good-byes, hugged and then hugged again. We both agreed that Cyndee would have had a great time at the game. I was glad I got to meet Michelle, and I am looking forward to keeping in touch with her. Before we parted ways, we had our picture taken. This was going to be one stop on the trip that would be in my thoughts for a while.

Post game I was fortunate enough to chat with rookie Marissa Coleman and Mystics All-Star Alana Beard. I squeezed in between Alana and Marissa, and asked Marissa about rookie life and being drafted to a WNBA team that just so happens to be in the same area she grew up in. (Is it just me, or so I look all doe-y eyed when I am looking at Marissa...lol!)

Ok, FYI – these interviews might be a little loud, as I was using a different mic. Sorry, but locker rooms can get a bit noisy. *smile*

Before I got to sit down with Alana Beard, she was autographing some basketballs for a few young fans. One particular interaction with a young fan was very cute, so I had to include in on the video. (Big thanks to Devlin for being my camera man, and getting this cool moment!)

DC was great! Now, on to the Big Apple to catch NY Liberty action at Madison Square Garden!


Friday night Fever in Indiana!

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Now on stop #9, I find myself at Conseco field house getting ready to watch the Indiana Fever take on the Atlanta Dream!!

Umm, well, not just yet…

As I have used several modes of transportation - plane, train, cab, shuttle, (dog sled & rickshaw too, if they were available) this trip has gone extraordinarily smooth, with no serious delay or interruption. *knock wood* Just as I was thinking that, I arrived in Chicago to connect to Indianapolis – only to find out my 1 hour layover turned into a 3 hour delay. *groan* After a few phone calls, the Fever PR coordinator, Kevin, offered to send an intern to pick me up at the airport. This way, my journey to the game would be quickly expedited. (skipping checking into the hotel and any time to clean up or change clothes. Ick!) After much delay in Chicago, my flight departed to Indianapolis, arriving just hours before tip-off. Intern Joshua came to pick me up, and took me directly to the game…by way of several incorrect routes and u turns. (Hey, it was the scenic route!) In all fairness, Joshua was from Kansas City, and was not familiar with the area. He looked somewhat nervous, and I knew we would eventually make it in time for the game, so I was not going to say anything. (Hey, haven’t we all had days like that?)

I arrived at Conseco, hoping I had just enough time before the game to change clothes, throw some cold water on my face and get ready for the game. But first, I had a chance to say hi to Catch (#24, Tamika Catchings) while she was warming up. While we exchanged greetings, she signed my Olympic team shirt. The exciting thing was, she was the last person to sign it! I now have my USA Women’s basketball Olympic team shirt autographed by all 12 members of the team!! I told her how I got up early several mornings to watch her and the other members of team USA go for the gold. As we chatted, she looked at my shirt and asked me, “What you got on?” After seeing it was just a Nike shirt, she told me, “We need to get you some Fever gear” Not a few minutes later, Kevin handed my choice of a medium or large Fever shirt; I chose the medium.

After chatting with a few reporters, and changing clothes (after that long delay, I had to put on a clean shirt) I was escorted center court for a bit of recognition. It was kind of awkward, as I stood there, I had no idea what I should do; kind of deer in the headlights. (but I did remember to smile). Then it was game time! Atlanta came out to an early lead, but Indiana put a stop to that fairly quickly.

Side note - I am not sure who she was, but there was a Fever fan sitting on the isle a few rows ahead of me that deserves props. Every time one of the Fever drained a 3, she would run all the way up the stairs and back, giving out high 5’s! That is team dedication, and great cardio! (maybe I should start that in Phoenix...hmmm…)

The game was awesome; both teams had great energy! At the half, I was interviewed on local Indianapolis radio, and invited to sit on press row for the 3rd q. Not being a “press guy” I made the mistake of cheering on the Fever. Now, not that cheering on the Fever is wrong, but cheering of any kind on press row, is…well…taboo. I guess they expect sports guys to me impartial. Ok, so, my bad. Hey, why didn’t someone tell me not to? *laugh* The Fever eventually pulled out the win, their 11th straight win I might add. It was exciting to be there for that.

Post game in the locker room was rather low key and casual, as I made conversation with several players. We chatted about my travels, and all of the ups and downs that come along with it. I saw that Birann January was free, so I nabbed the former Lady Sun Devil for a few questions.

After that, I headed on over to Katie Douglas’s corner of the locker room for a quick chat. I actually I sat close to her husband during the game, so I asked Katie about his dancing abilities. (you will notice at –minutes- I look up to see all of the mainstream media gather around Katie. I asked one last question and I was outta there)

After Katie, I got time with Catch for a few questions. She made sure I was wearing my Fever shirt. I asked her not to mention it to Dee and Cappie. *laugh*

Finally, I got in some camera time with Tully. Several people from Seattle, Twitter and Facebook told me that I would be missing out if I didn’t talk to her. I tried to do an interview, which became a round-about sporadic conversation about her native Australia and ending with her teaching me a cool handshake…and as you can see, it took a few times. (Oh, my mic cut out a few times. Sorry for the technical difficulties.)

Click here to check out an article in the Indy Star!

Indiana was quite an experience, wow! Now, time to get a move on – Indy is my first of three games in three days. Up next, off to see the Mystics in our nation’s capital!


Catching WNBA action in the twin cities!

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Stop #8 takes me to the twin cities in Minnesota, home to Prince, the Timberwolves and of course, the Minnesota Lynx! The flight in was rather uneventful, although, for the first time on this journey, I did get my bag searched at security. (I guess my powdered coffee creamer looked dangerous!) I checked in early on line and I was still in boarding group B. (for Southwest) I grabbed the first isle seat, only to look across from me and see that I could have gotten a window seat with an empty middle. Oh well.

I was excited for my visit to Minnesota, as Candice Wiggins was one of the first WNBA players to follow me on twitter. I was able to catch her pre game and talk to her about the upcoming season and her new teammate and rookie Renee Montgomery.

I also sat down and had a slightly longer chat with rookie, Renee Montgomery, who told me about meeting Beyonce, the Mall of America, and overall rookie life.

I also got an interview with Kelly Miller. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn the microphone on, so, there was no audio. (Curse you, technical difficulty gods! Hey, at least the camera was recording this time. LOL!) But here is what I learned about her: Kelly is the older sister, by a whopping 4 minutes – so that makes Coco the younger sibling. Her parents get to come to the games more now, because MN is her home state, she does not talk much basketball with her sister post game, rather just enjoys her company, and her parents do not choose sides when the Miller sisters play against each other. (Miller did say she has more fun when she is playing with her sister as opposed to against).

As for the game, the Lynx took on the Dream, and struggled with their shooting percentage, while the Dream were able to sink shots left and right. After having been to Atlanta to see the Dream get defeated by the Lynx; it was like watching two different teams. A few times the Lynx came very close, but didn't close the deal, and weren't able to get the win. It was a great game though. I had a chance to sit with the NBA TV commentators, too cool!!

Now, off to Catch Catch and the Fever in Indiana!


Chicago, my kinda town!

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I have a special place in my heart for Chicago, it was my 2nd home during my undergrad. I attended Columbia College and lived in the south loop for 2 years, and in Ravenswood for about 6 months. So here I was, in Chicago for my 7th stop on the tour. It was nice because I was staying with my little sister (who’s not so little, as she will be 30 soon. LOL, had to give her grief) and her fiancĂ©e, and NOT a hotel. (Which meant I got to do laundry, yay!) Plus, I got some time post game to rest and hang out with friends and family. But enough about that, let’s talk game.

This blog entry will be a little light – as there will be no video to post. Yeah, I know, I was planning on chatting with Fowles, Dupree and Price. But post game, it was just not the best environment in which to talk to the players. A loss is a loss, but a loss by 29 points can be a bit devastating. Indiana was coming off of their 8 game (now 9) winning streak, as they proved to be a bit much for the Sky. I really didn’t want to press the players post game, so, I skipped the video. I did get a chance to chat with Armintie Price; she was a hoot. Had to tell her how much she makes me laugh, especially when the teams up with her buddy Fowles. Check out each of them on this Chicago Sky blooper reel from last season.

Here is a pic of me courtside, and to the right is my soon to be brother-in-law Matt. (I think this was pre-game, as per the lack of excitement on my face) This was his very first WNBA game, and he seemed quite impressed. Well, Chicago was struggling, but every time Indiana put up a shot, he kept saying, “They don’t miss, do they?” Needless to say he and my sister enjoyed themselves.

One interesting thing the Sky do during player intros, is they have members of a marching band (mostly percussion) come out and play. Kind of felt a little like a football game, but it did add a rather unique feel.

Ahh, a 3 day break was good. Now off to the twin cities to catch a Lynx game!


Sleepless in Seattle (…or just lightly napping)

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Stop # 6 is almost my halfway point in my journey, and boy was this a great time to visit the Emerald city. Not only am I fond of Seattle (just as much as Seattle is fond of coffee), but there is a special place in my heart for Seattle, because I was born here. Ah, 74’ was a good year.

When I arrived in Seattle, I had the chance to be interviewed by Becca and Michelle “From the Cheap Seats”, a blog on After Ellen.com (Click here) It was quite the unconventional interview, but that made it all the more fun! It was neat to be interviewed by gals who are just as passionate as I am about the WNBA. Check out the interview, click here.

Game day was also Green Day (no, the environmental day, not the band...silly!) Actually, it was WNBA’s green week. But I’ll be honest, no one quite does Green week like Seattle. I had a chance to walk around the arena, and learn about some of the exciting projects that local groups, along with the Seattle Storm, are working on in the Seattle area. One project involved several Storm team members getting dirty and digging around out in the forest, all in the name of supporting the environment. It is nice to see professional athletes still reach out to their local community to support a worthwhile cause – even if it means getting your hands dirty.

Prior to the game, I had a chance to sit down with #10 Sue Bird for a quick chat. Unfortunately, there was a boom box jammin’ in the locker room, so it might be kind of hard to hear Sue. I am working on a transcript of the interview to be posted soon.

So, it was game time, and I made my way to my seats to see the Storm take on the Monarchs. I was looking forward to a great game. One cool thing I noticed, was the pre game disclaimer (about proper behavior during the game) was not just put up for people to read, but each player took a being in the video and reading a section. This was followed by funny clips from TV shows like “Family Guy” etc. It really got the crowds attention and made a mundane and repetitive procedure into something quite entertaining. It was nice to see that the team got involved, so it is obvious that the entire Storm organization really cares about the fan experience.

The first half of the game was a good one, with the Storm at times keeping a slim lead, with the Monarchs rallying close behind. During the second quarter, I had the opportunity to get interviewed by Shellie Hart, the Storm’s arena host...(on the Jumbo-Tron no less) She announced to the entire crowd that I was a Phoenix Mercury season ticket holder, (I am just glad it wasn’t during the playoffs!) The crowd reaction was fairly positive, but when I wasn’t looking, Doppler, the Storm mascot, was pelting me with popcorn. (Twice!) Click here to read the post-game interview on Storm Tracker.

During the 3rd q, I got to sit with the local radio station that covers the Storm games. It was a series of brief questions during time outs and foul calls. It was neat to listen to the game at the same time I was watching it. The game stayed close, but Seattle pulled out the win! Ok, this is where I admit one of my faults; I am really bad with names. Two season ticket holders for the Storm were nice enough to give me one of their courtside seats to watch the 4th quarter. The seat was right next to the Storm bench, which was very cool! A big thanks goes out to them for being great hosts! (if they are reading this, send me an email at 13teams1journey@gmail.com so I can say thanks!)

Post game, I caught up with #15, Lauren Jackson. We talked about coffee and all things Aussie. Check it out!

Seattle was an exciting experience! Now I know why some could be sleepless no? Now, on to the windy city, Chicago!


What snappy headline can you use with Sacramento?

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As you can see, I cannot think of a more creative way to get your attention for my 5th stop in Sacramento. (Or as many of the locals have referred to it as Sac-town) I arrived on a relatively uneventful flight into Sacramento airport. When I arrived at baggage claim, I saw the most interesting…umm…art? I am not sure what you can call it, a post-modern suitcase sculpture? Take a look at the picture below and feel free to post any suggestions as to what you might call it.

A big thanks to Mary Barker, Monarchs fan, season ticket holder, and local Ambassador to Sacramento.

Mary was nice enough to give me a lift from the airport and to Target where I had to make a few purchases. Ahhh, it’s a good thing that most everywhere you go, you can find a Target. Just don’t wear a red shirt an khakis when you shop there; people will start asking you where things are. However, if you should ever make that mistake, just tell anyone who asks that “it’s in isle 6”. It is a great source of instant entertainment.

After settling in my hotel room, I was getting ready to hit the sac to rest up for game day. Then I turned on the AC to discover it made a high pitched squealing sound. It was not a rattle or a hum (U2 pun not intended) but an ear splitting squealing. Think of the scene in Dumb and Dumber (2 hours of my life stolen by watching that movie) when Jim Carrey makes what he calls ‘The most annoying sound ever.” Yeah, I wasn’t going to get any sleep. So, the hotel moved me to another room; now I had to pack up and move down the hall. By the time I finished it was almost midnight. *groan*

In the morning, I was on not one, but two morning news shows. One went well, (Channel 10) and the other (Channel 13)..well…not so much. Channel 10 was much more interested in my story, as Channel 13 seemed to want me to counter-validate all of the negative & stereotypical insinuatiuons of the WNBA. (not fun) But it was live TV and I really could not do much about it. (As soon as I can get clips posted, will let you know) The Sacramento Bee also did a great article on my journey as well. (Click here to read the article)

Game time approached, so I made my way over to ARCO arena, home of the Sacramento Kings and Monarchs. (Hmm, there’s a theme) The game was tense, as the Monarchs looked to get a W at home, while Chicago hoped to end their 2 game loosing streak. This was the second game so far that Sylvia Fowles (aka Big Syl) did not suit up; she was out with swelling & soreness in her right knee. After watching Sylvia do some amazing things with the US Olympic team, I was looking forward to seeing her play in a regular season game. Here’s hoping she will be well enough to play by the time I get to Chicago.

The battle on the court was fought long and hard, but in the end the Monarchs ruled with the win. (c’mon, how could I not use that pun?)

Post game was…well…an experience I will never forget (as I hope the Monarchs do the opposite & quickly erase it from their memories) to say the least. I give a brief explanation in the video below, followed by a rather uncomfortable interview with Monarchs rookie, Courtney Paris. Courtney was a delight to talk to, but umm…well…oh just watch.

Pre-game, I was able to get an interview with Monarchs star and Olympic gold medalist, Kara Lawson. She was very cool to talk to.

Well, at least the Monarchs had a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

Next stop, Seattle!


I love L.A.!

Posted by Alex W.C. on 1:34 PM

Stop number 4 of my trip took me to the Staples center in Los Angeles, CA; home of the world champion LA Lakers and the world champion LA Sparks. (They must have a big trophy case, no?) My timing couldn’t be better, as this was the first game for superstar Candace Parker to hit the court since she gave birth to her first daughter in May. Also, what made things even more interesting was that my hometown team, the Phoenix Mercury were the visiting team for the game. I’ve never experienced my team playing anywhere but their home court. It was an evening of mixed emotions, as I cheered for my home team, (a little more reserved than I am at US Airways arena) I did feel some obligation to respect the host team. Either way, it’s always a great game when Phoenix takes on L.A.

Before the game, I had a chance to walk around the Staples center to see the Michael Jackson memorial. This Tuesday (which is actually the day I am writing this) is set to be the day that thousands will flock to Los Angeles to see a remembrance of the King of Pop. There was a steady line to sign the memorial poster, which didn’t seem to go down at any time of the day. I snapped a few pics from well wishers up close.

But wouldn’t you know it, anywhere there is an event, someone is going to take the opportunity to make a buck. This guy (see photo) was there selling soda that he called “The King of POP.” (pop – soda – get it?) It was just soda with MJ’s picture on the label. I mean really, I thought I had seen everything, but selling carbonated beverages with Michael’s likeness at his own memorial? Do people have no shame?

I would not be surprised if sometime during the memorial, hordes of knock-off t shirts and pictures will be offered up to make a dollar off of Michael’s name. To me, that is the saddest thing. :-(

Anyway, on to the game. It was back and forth for most of the 1st and 2nd period, each team pushing just a little harder with each play. Candace didn’t start, but she was added to the line up later, with much cheering from the LA crowd. The most unbelievable shot came just at the end of the second half. I will try to describe it, but it was one of those, “you had to be there” kind of things. In the final seconds of the second half, L.A. was running the ball down the court. As the clock ran down, Thompson fired off a pass to Noelle Quinn, in the corner, who caught the ball, and as she was falling out of bounds, standing on one foot (almost behind the backboard!) put up a shot and the ball caught nothing but net just as the buzzer sounded. It was a great morale booster, as that shot put L.A. up by 6 at the half. Then DeWanna “Sticks” Bonner came in the 3rd q with 12 points and six rebounds (and a double-double - 10 rebounds & 17 points for the game). In the 4th the Mercury had an 11-0 run with gave them the 100+ point win. I was so excited, I did the Mercury Victory Dance! (on the inside, of course.)

Post game I was introduced to the entire team in the locker room...and not individually! It was like elementary school "show and tell" all over again. *laugh* Needless to say I was a bit lost for words, as I tried to explain who I was and my journey. The mood was rather somber (as you can imagine) so I kept my words brief. I was able to grab a few quick minutes with CP 3, Candace Parker. We talked about basketball and motherhood. C’mon, what else do you talk to Candace Parker about?

L.A. was a great time and a great game. The one thing I can say is the fans love their Sparks (almost as much as I love my Mercury! *laugh* ) Now, I am off to Sacramento – or as many have referred to it as Sac-Town. C-ya at ARCO arena!


The Stars at night, are big and bright...

Posted by Alex W.C. on 6:19 PM
...deep in the heart of Texas!

Here I am, on stop #3 on my journey, lovely and historical San Antonio Texas! Everything here in Texas is big, even the waffles! *laugh*

I had an extended stay here in Texas, 3 days to be exact. It was nice to take a breather for a while, as Atlanta and Detroit were rather rushed. The day before the game I was able to get a couple of minutes with a few of the Silver Stars after a practice. But before we get to that, let’s talk about practice. Watching practice was an interesting thing to do before going to a game. It’s like watching the painter create a great work of art, then seeing it on display the next day in an art gallery.(except this art moves a lot more, and a lot faster!) It certainly put things in a unique perspective before I went and saw the game. Coach Hughes is quite stern during practice, but you can tell that is because he has very high expectations for his team. He was structured yet encouraging, and the players showed a lot of hustle because of it. I could tell they were taking serious advantage of the opportunity to practice before the game against Chicago.

Post practice I had a chance to chit-chat with 4 players. The first person was the star of San Antonio (or at least one of them) #25 Becky Hammon. Can you guess what her favorite karaoke song is? Watch and find out.

Next up was #44 Katie Mattera (formerly Feenstra) and # 00 Ruth Riley. I asked Katie about balancing married life and the career of a professional athlete (which I also asked Erin Perperaglu – formerly Buscher) and what life is like, being the unique height that she is (6’8”). I talked with Ruth about her humanitarian efforts that support a program called “Nothing but Nets” – an effort to get mosquito nets to children in Africa to reduce the spreading of Malaria. Good stuff. Also, check out the end of the video, where I not-so-eloquently stumbled over a question for Ruth. I am thankful she was patient and understanding. *smile*

For more information about “Nothing but Nets” check out their home page on the web – (Click here!)

Finally, #7 Erin Perperoglou, (formerly Buescher) was another newlywed (Sheesh, is there something in the water? *laugh*) who I also talked to about the challenges of being married to a pro athlete. (or in her case, two pro athletes being married to each other – her husband is a professional basketball player in Greece) After she helped me pronounce her last new last name (several times) we talked about how exactly she managed to wrangle herself a Greek basketball player for a husband.

As for the game, the Silver Stars started in the 1st q shooting some ridiculous percentage, like up in the 90’s, and Chicago was taking a beating. However, Chicago preserved in the 2nd q, and rallied in the 3rd, coming close to matching the Silver Stars. But, the Silver Stars persevered, and pulled out a win. I gotta say, the fans were incredible. Each section at the AT&T center has a section leader, that pass out pins, put up banners in their section, etc etc. The coolest thing about this is that they are all self-funded. (which means, no financial support from the team) Talk about your die hard fans! Also, the opening intro video was simple and very effective. It’s reminiscent of an late 80’s action flick. The crowd loved it! Check it out below:

A huge thanks to Leigh Anne Gullett and her intern Greg Ruder for providing transportation and helping me find my way around the AT&T center!

***NEW*** Click here to read an article in the San Antonio express.

Now, on to L.A.!


Hangin' in HOTlanta!

Posted by Alex W.C. on 10:12 PM
Welcome to Atlanta, or as they call it here HOTlanta. Being from Arizona I do know a thing or two about what heat is. Humidity? Now, that’s another story. *laugh* Anyway, I again, flew into an airport with a train. When did airports become so gargantuan that they needed their own form of public transportation? I remember flying when I was in college; we just walked every where. If you were lucky, there were moving sidewalks available. Now there’s a train. Oh well, I guess technology is a good thing.

I got to Atlanta (along with all of my luggage, so I am 2 for 2 so far – knock wood) without issue. I guess the only negative was the screaming child on my flight down. I do not mean fussy, I do not mean crying. I mean s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g from the top of his lungs for at last 45 min of the flight. And wouldn’t you know it…5 min before we landed, he fell asleep. Go figure. *laugh* Want to know what it was like? Take a look at Bill Cosby talking about “Jeffery”. Perfect example!

While in Atlanta, I had a chance to visit the Atlanta Aquarium. Man, I picked quite a busy day to go, but it was a good way to spend the afternoon. Check out some pictures below. Oh, and for those of you following me on Twitter, I didn’t order the fish when I had lunch at the cafeteria. *laugh* Chicken and a corn dog; with a diet coke. Uh, that’s healthy, isn’t it? (I can’t pass up a good corn dog!) Oh, and coke products are the only thing avalible in Atlanta. For those of you who don't know, Atlanta is the birthplace of coca-cola, hence why it is the only thing avalible. I did not see one Pepsi product my entire visit.(I think it might be against the law...lol!)

Sea Turtle.


Beluga Whales. The woman behind me told her child, "This is where Beluga caviar comes from." I was like, please tell me she's joking...She wasn't.

Now THAT'S a crab! Where's the melted butter?

Wall o' Fish!

The game in Atlanta was an experience to say the least. Any game where ESPN is going to be broadcasting is always an experience. I did get to say hi to Carolyn Peck and Terry Gannon pre-game in the green room. Hopefully, sometime soon I will get to see the shot they got of me during the game. Sheesh, everyone else did.

I sat with one of my twitter buddies @atlDreamgirl 2 rows behind the dream bench. I also got to meet up with twitter followers @thatGAgirl and @KaRon157. It is always nice to put a name with a face. Now, there are some advantages and disadvantages to sitting behind the bench. Oh, it is an exciting place to sit; I mean you are mere inches from the team. However, when the team gets excited and stands up to cheer on their team mates (as they do) it kinda blocks your view. Mental note – unless you are on the team and you can sit on the bench, it’s a good idea to sit across from the bench, and not behind it. :-)

The game was back and forth for a while, then the Lynx took a lead in the 3q. Wiggins and Hodges had the hot hand with the 3 pointers, and seemed unstoppable. The Dream rallied in the 4th q to cut the lead to a single digit, but came up short in the end. The game did get exciting in the 3rd q with a flagrant foul being called on Minnesota. I am tellin’ ya, the games are getting more and more physical every time I see them.

Post game I was able to meet up with Jen Lacy and Michelle Snow for a brief chat.

While waiting outside the locker room, I spied former Phoenix Mercury player (and by the way, one of my favorites) Kelly Miller, probably waiting to say hi to her sister. I talked with her about the trade to Minnesota; she seemed happy. Since she is originally from Minnesota, she is on a team closer to her family, and she commented that everything was working out well. I also asked her a question I had wondered about for a long time, and that was what her weight routine is for her arms (if you’ve not aware, she has quite impressive guns). So, we talked free weights and such. I think she might have been a little embarrassed, but she was all smiles.

Ironic – in every city so far I have been bumping into former Mercury players. LOL!

Oh, and look who else I “bumped” into. (if you missed the pic I posted on Twitter)
#12 Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic.

Yes, he is a nice guy. No, I didn’t really get to meet him – I chased after him for the photo and he said “No problem”. I was just happy he didn’t call security.

Thanks Atlanta! Now, on to San Antonio!


Rockin' in the Motor City

Posted by Alex W.C. on 9:18 PM
Whew, I feel like I’ve been on the road for a while, and it is only my first stop. Man, I wasn’t even in Detroit long enough to unpack. *laugh* Seriously though, Detroit was great time, and I have a lot to say about it. So, let’s get started!

I arrived at the backstage entrance of the Palace to get my media credentials. It was very “rock star”, of course, minus hordes of screaming fans. (darn it!) I was warmly greeted by Shock PR coordinator Megan Heinemann, who showed me around. We went out on the floor of the Palace where Sacramento Monarch Kara Lawson was warming up. I met up with Lauren Harper who works on the Detroit Shock home page & she said that she wanted to interview me at halftime. (Click here for interview) She also made sure I was featured on the Detroit Shock homepage; how cool is that? Just look for 13 Teams, 1 Journey!(Click here) The staff there was very friendly and was excited that Detroit was the first stop. Upon passing the coaches office, I got a chance to say hi to Rick Mahorn. He was very laid back and asked, “Do you need me for anything?” I politely said no, and that I was just hanging back and observing. He was cool with that, and went about his pre-game coaching duties. I am still kicking myself for not getting the chance to get some 1 on 1 time with him.

Hold up...Let me back up a little and just try to paint a picture of the state of mind I was in at this time. There I am, backstage at the Palace, home of the Pistons and the Shock. This is an area where not many get to go, let alone many fans. I felt very privileged to say the least. Players are walking by getting ready, staff members are on radios making sure everything is finalized. This is when it really HIT me. This is really happening, …no really, this IS REALLY HAPPENING. For the first time in my life, I was at a loss for words.(to any friends & family of mine reading this – don’t even go there! lol!) For the next 30 min or so, whenever Megan would ask me a question, the only 4 words I knew were “Yeah, uh-huh, ok, sure.” After a while, I started talking like a normal human being.

I did get a photo op with coach Mahorn post game, (it helped that the Shock won; probably put him in a better mood) He shook my hand, and wished me well on my trip. Even after a big game he was totally cool and laid back. I will say this…that even with me standing 6’3”, I felt very short standing next to him. Just take a look at the photo and you’ll see what I mean.

(Photos courtesy of www.detroitshock.com)

Back to me feeling like a kid seeing Santa for the first time…I bumped into Katie Smith who said she had a few minutes, but I told her I would talk to her post game. (She was on her way out to warm up – I think that was more important.) After that, I was shown into the locker room. Now, from personal experience (growing up with 2 sisters and NO brothers) I have learned to respect women and their privacy. When I walked in, Cheryl Ford was in there, and she had this look of “Umm, why is there a man in the locker room?” *laugh* In all fairness, she had no idea who I was or why I would be in the locker room. Plus, in my eyes, that is her space. So, I opted to just hang outside. (FYI – post game we had a chat and she was very friendly. We talked about the aforementioned locker room run in, and she was completely cool with it. I’ll mention that later...) I was able to get some video footage of the inside of the locker room, like name placards on lockers and such. Trying to be respectful, I just shot above the lockers and not the contents of them. There were some “personal” items in view, and well…(remember, grew up with sisters) I didn’t think any of the players would enjoy having those on camera. (Yeah, it was slightly awkward.) I decided not to post that video footage for obvious reasons.

Before the game, I had a chance to talk to Barb Farris and Plenette Pierson. Barb was cool. I mentioned that we had met when she was had played for Phoenix. We had a casual moment, and talked about her being back in Detroit; she was just as friendly as I remembered. Plenette had her arm in a sling, so I figured I would ask about it. I had no idea that she was out for the season. But she was straight forward, professional, and gracious at the same time. It was loud during the interview, but you can hear her better. (and that’s the important thing, right kids?)

Here's the video of my Interview w/ Barb Farris.

Then it was game time! I was shown to my courtside seat, (which was completely unexpected) This was the first time I had sat this close to the game, and let me tell you, any closer, and I would be in the game. (side note, I doubt either team would take me. *laugh*) When the players took the court, Katie Smith was very cordial with high-fives to all of the Monarchs. Always a good way to start the game.

A couple people on twitter asked me to compare opening video’s to those of the Phoenix Mercury. The opening video used the black eye’s peas “Boom, Boom, Pow.” (I have a feeling that song is going to echo at quite a few sports arenas for a while...) It was simple, yet cool, featuring each player in a kind of dance theme, mixed in with game footage. It got the crowd hyped. I will admit, I am still partial to the video intro for my Mercury. *smile*

During the game, I was featured on the Jumbotron. I was taken aback at first, because this camera man just kneeled in front of me and put me on camera. I kind of knew what was coming, but I wasn’t sure when I would get on camera. I got a good cheer from the crowd, which was neat. It is a good thing they didn’t introduce me as a Phoenix Mercury fan. *laugh* They did mention me as the “Superfan” – and it kind of stuck. Hmm, that sounds like a title that should come with a theme song, and a cape (as KinitaA on twitter suggested)

(I need to work on my "excited" look don't I? *laugh* Man, those legs need a tan, a.s.a.p.!!)

It was a good game, with the Shock holding a lead, but the Monarchs fought hard and often would reduce that lead to a single digit lead. The Shock came out on top though with a great showing from Cheryl Ford & Kara Braxton in the paint, Deanna Nolan (aka Tweety) and Shavonte Zellous knockin’ down shots, and Kristin Haynie (who has some speed!) with some quick steals.

Post game was almost as exciting as the game itself. I got to sit in the locker room and interview Katie Smith, who was cool with the “shoulder buddy” style to my interview. Yeah, I am my own crew!

I had so many questions, but my mind went blank at the last minute. I did get to ask her to talk about the camaraderie among the players in the league, and she had a great reply.

Here's the video of my interviews with Plenette Pierson and Katie Smith.

Afterward, she signed my Olympic gold medal shirt, and asked me a little about my trip. (What, she didn’t get the memo? *laugh*) Katie left for a meet-and-greet with fans, and I had a follow up chat with Barb Farris and Cheryl Ford. Both were very friendly, and tired, with good reason. I complimented Cheryl on a good game; she mentioned that she "got into a little trouble" in the last game, so she wanted to "step it up".

She did.

After a few goodbyes I headed back to my rental car for the long drive back to the hotel. The ride home was a perfect time to reflect on the evening. Overall, I was so impressed with the players and coaches on how welcoming they were, and that they were genuinely interested in my journey. The prevailing atmosphere at the Palace was one of love for basketball, and support for those who feel the same way. I can safely say after my experience in Detroit, I now love the game even more.

Next stop, HOTlanta!

Feature article in Detroit Free Press (Click here)

Feature on
Detroit Shock homepage (Click here)

Feature on local Detroit station WXYZ, channel 7.


It's 1 am in Arizona, do you know where my brain is?

Posted by Alex W.C. on 1:47 AM
OK, made this vid from my office, just hours before I fly out. As you can see, I am not quite coherent. Let's hope I get better before I get to Detroit. :-)


ABC 15 shows support!

Posted by Alex W.C. on 2:30 PM
Local Phoenix Channel 15 is featuring my journey! Cool! Story to air on the news tonight or tomorrow @ 6 and/or 10p (MST) Was supposed to showcase my Mercury shrine, (see photos below) but Suns called a press conference and had to change plans. Either way, they made it happen. I'm already featured on their sports page...click here!.

Thanks to ABC 15 Sports Producer/Reporter Cory Williams!!

In other news, I submitted an 1design for the WNBA shooting shirt contest.

Submit one too by clicking here!


Gettin' some love from my hometown team!

Posted by Alex W.C. on 6:09 PM
I was recently interviewed by a representative from the Phoenix Mercury! Thanks to Arash Azarmi @ PhoenixMercury.com

Check it out, click here!


It all comes down to this...

Posted by Alex W.C. on 11:12 AM
Hey All! New video posted, recapping all of the events that are leading up to my departure date...which is less than 10 days away!!! I can't believe it! I haven't even started packing yet...sheesh, I better do some laundry, a.s.a.p!


Sick and Tired

Posted by Alex W.C. on 8:18 PM
Wouldn’t you know it? The day my summer break starts and I get sick. Not just a little cold sick…no…full blown body aching, fever (not Indiana *chortle*) cough and stuck in bed sick. UG! If it is the one thing I hate most is being sick. You really have no control over the virus that has got you, and you just have to let it run it’s course. Oh well. Got plenty of zinc and vitamin C, plus, lots of tea and cranberry juice. Monday was hell, but today has been better. Funny thing is, I am kind of glad this happened now. I know it sounds weird, but originally, I had planned my trip to start on June 8th – that is – until they announced the all star game. That caused me to revamp my entire trip, and the start date was moved to June 28th . I can just imagine trying to leave on June 8th, to begin the experience of a lifetime feeling the way I do. That would be a downer.

Speaking of downers…

Being sick reminded me of just how sick I am...for another reason. Mind you, I knew that even before I started my journey, I would get some negative reactions and posts from the WNBA haters out there. I’ve seen them on you tube and facebook. I tend to ignore them, as I think paying them attention is a waste of my time. But over the last few weeks they seemed to build, to a point where I just could not take it anymore. Why people take so much time to express negative and hateful words I will never know. But the sad thing is, it is nothing new. Every condescending, ignorant remark that I read follows the same tired, old pattern. See if you can follow me...

It starts with what I like to call the “automatic discount” - the devaluing of female athletes simply because of their gender. Never mind their skills, determination or love of the game. Ignore the fact that many of these athletes play year round, achieve multiple championship titles, and gold medals. No, all of this goes out the window simply because of one thing; they're female. It is so hard to believe that we live in the year 2009 and the opinion of female athletes still viewed as such.

This is followed by low-brow and low-class statements that can only be referred to as the “double-standard”. One comment I read said that, “ I am not going to watch a game where all there is are turnovers, shots clanking of the front of the rim and bad passes”. Oh, silly me, I forgot, the athletes in the NBA make every shot, and commit absolutely no turnovers and nothing but the perfect of passes. Sorry to let you down, but the athletes in the NBA and the WNBA are not perfect. Those kinds of things happen in both leagues. That does not mean one is better than the other, or worse than the other. And why does the double standard exist? See “automatic discount.”

The last and surely not least are the collection of narrow minded stereotypes that people tend to slap on the WNBA without a second thought. I saw one of them in a comment to one of the videos I posted on you tube, which read, “The only real "fans" that come are feminists.” Hmm, I’ve not seen Gloria Steinem at a game recently, but still, I disagree. The season ticket holder that sat next to me in the 2008 season was a father of a teenage son and daughter, which he brought to the games on a regular basis. Something tells me he was not one of the supporters of the feminist movement.

One of the things that hit me the most though, was not the comments on you tube or facebook; but an article in the L.A. Times, by a female writer, a former athlete, who wrote why she is not a fan of the WNBA. One statement she made I felt was a smack across the face, “Another reason the WNBA is underappreciated is the lack of male interest in the game.” Oh, because guys don’t like it, no one will? Does this woman believe that about everything in life? That only a man’s interest in something will give it value? Hello, 1952 called, they want their chauvinist ideals back! Not to let it slide, my girl D.T. #3 wrote a very intelligent response. This is why I love the WNBA: No one just sits back and takes the abuse, especially Diana Taurasi.

It boils down to this; The WNBA haters will not break us. There is one thing that the athletes and the fans of the WNBA share, and that is resilience. Since 1972 and the passage of title 9 (and even prior), female athletes and their fans have been fighting an uphill battle for acceptance. Still, in 2009, that battle continues. But, year after year, women’s sports continue to thrive in the face of adversity. This year marks the 13th year of the WNBA, the longest running and most successful professional league for female basketball players.

…and it’s only going to get better.

The WNBA – know it, live it, love it!


Fans, Fez and the Fall of the E-league

Posted by Alex W.C. on 6:52 AM
Monday night, a few of the Mercury players were hanging out at FEZ, a local restaurant/bar here in Phoenix. I got the chance to chat it up with them as well. Here's my 1st impression:

DeWanna Bonner: Great kid! Very friendly and quite personable. She is going to be a fan fave for sure.

Nicole Ohlde: Talked about her toe (which was broken...key word is was) and also about how happy she is to be in Phoenix. I think she'll be a good fit.

Laurie Koehn: We laughed together, as we shared a mutual dislike for the traffic and streets of D.C. (I went to grad school and lived there for 3 years) Very nice to talk to.

Tangela Smith: Tan was fun as always; she was serving up water, making sure everyone was hydrated. I think she just wanted to eat. LOL!

A great night in Phoenix to start the season off right. Can't wait to see the game this Saturday. The season is here, and it is ON!

And speaking of which....

When will the men learn? In case you missed it...The Chicago Sky took on the guys of the E league celebrity team in an exhibition game dubbed "The battle of the sexes". The Sky dominated the floor and crushed the E league in a blow out in a 55 - 102 win. The game was very physical, as the guys from the e-league attempted (and I use the word "attempted" lightly) to bring their A game against Fowles, Dupree & co. With only a measly 1 point lead (the only lead the E league ever had) for about 10 seconds in the first Q, the E league never had a chance; but it was entertaining to watch them try.

Hey guys, the athletes in the WNBA got game. Learn it & know it, because there is no denying it.


t-shirt for a cause

Posted by Alex W.C. on 12:18 PM
Hey All,
Several people have asked me if I plan on selling my t-shirt. Now, here it is! You can even select your own size/color and style (even your own team colors). There is one for light colors (w black text) and one for dark colors (w white text). The default shirt style is a heather grey American Apparel Tee @ 24.95 (one of my faves!) However, you can choose a basic-tee starting @ 18.95 (plus S&H). Remember, these shirts don;t get made 'till you order them, so, they can take anywhere between 4 - 7 biz days to produce. The best part? All profits will be donated to the Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund. Any ? Just ask!!

create & buy custom products at Zazzle

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