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Welcome to Atlanta, or as they call it here HOTlanta. Being from Arizona I do know a thing or two about what heat is. Humidity? Now, that’s another story. *laugh* Anyway, I again, flew into an airport with a train. When did airports become so gargantuan that they needed their own form of public transportation? I remember flying when I was in college; we just walked every where. If you were lucky, there were moving sidewalks available. Now there’s a train. Oh well, I guess technology is a good thing.

I got to Atlanta (along with all of my luggage, so I am 2 for 2 so far – knock wood) without issue. I guess the only negative was the screaming child on my flight down. I do not mean fussy, I do not mean crying. I mean s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g from the top of his lungs for at last 45 min of the flight. And wouldn’t you know it…5 min before we landed, he fell asleep. Go figure. *laugh* Want to know what it was like? Take a look at Bill Cosby talking about “Jeffery”. Perfect example!

While in Atlanta, I had a chance to visit the Atlanta Aquarium. Man, I picked quite a busy day to go, but it was a good way to spend the afternoon. Check out some pictures below. Oh, and for those of you following me on Twitter, I didn’t order the fish when I had lunch at the cafeteria. *laugh* Chicken and a corn dog; with a diet coke. Uh, that’s healthy, isn’t it? (I can’t pass up a good corn dog!) Oh, and coke products are the only thing avalible in Atlanta. For those of you who don't know, Atlanta is the birthplace of coca-cola, hence why it is the only thing avalible. I did not see one Pepsi product my entire visit.(I think it might be against the law...lol!)

Sea Turtle.


Beluga Whales. The woman behind me told her child, "This is where Beluga caviar comes from." I was like, please tell me she's joking...She wasn't.

Now THAT'S a crab! Where's the melted butter?

Wall o' Fish!

The game in Atlanta was an experience to say the least. Any game where ESPN is going to be broadcasting is always an experience. I did get to say hi to Carolyn Peck and Terry Gannon pre-game in the green room. Hopefully, sometime soon I will get to see the shot they got of me during the game. Sheesh, everyone else did.

I sat with one of my twitter buddies @atlDreamgirl 2 rows behind the dream bench. I also got to meet up with twitter followers @thatGAgirl and @KaRon157. It is always nice to put a name with a face. Now, there are some advantages and disadvantages to sitting behind the bench. Oh, it is an exciting place to sit; I mean you are mere inches from the team. However, when the team gets excited and stands up to cheer on their team mates (as they do) it kinda blocks your view. Mental note – unless you are on the team and you can sit on the bench, it’s a good idea to sit across from the bench, and not behind it. :-)

The game was back and forth for a while, then the Lynx took a lead in the 3q. Wiggins and Hodges had the hot hand with the 3 pointers, and seemed unstoppable. The Dream rallied in the 4th q to cut the lead to a single digit, but came up short in the end. The game did get exciting in the 3rd q with a flagrant foul being called on Minnesota. I am tellin’ ya, the games are getting more and more physical every time I see them.

Post game I was able to meet up with Jen Lacy and Michelle Snow for a brief chat.

While waiting outside the locker room, I spied former Phoenix Mercury player (and by the way, one of my favorites) Kelly Miller, probably waiting to say hi to her sister. I talked with her about the trade to Minnesota; she seemed happy. Since she is originally from Minnesota, she is on a team closer to her family, and she commented that everything was working out well. I also asked her a question I had wondered about for a long time, and that was what her weight routine is for her arms (if you’ve not aware, she has quite impressive guns). So, we talked free weights and such. I think she might have been a little embarrassed, but she was all smiles.

Ironic – in every city so far I have been bumping into former Mercury players. LOL!

Oh, and look who else I “bumped” into. (if you missed the pic I posted on Twitter)
#12 Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic.

Yes, he is a nice guy. No, I didn’t really get to meet him – I chased after him for the photo and he said “No problem”. I was just happy he didn’t call security.

Thanks Atlanta! Now, on to San Antonio!


very interesting blog! it sounds like you had an amazing summer!

as someone who has lived in atlanta most of her life (and big dream fan), i have one major correction for you. we do not call it hotlanta. no one who actually lives here calls it hotlanta. we HATE it when people call it hotlanta. it's atlanta, a-town or atl (which is getting to be just as bad as hotlanta).

p.s. when you say atlanta, the t's are silent, like ah-lanna.

Ashley Joy - So Noted. Nix on the HOT-Lanta. :-)

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