What snappy headline can you use with Sacramento?

Posted by Alex W.C. on 11:20 AM
As you can see, I cannot think of a more creative way to get your attention for my 5th stop in Sacramento. (Or as many of the locals have referred to it as Sac-town) I arrived on a relatively uneventful flight into Sacramento airport. When I arrived at baggage claim, I saw the most interesting…umm…art? I am not sure what you can call it, a post-modern suitcase sculpture? Take a look at the picture below and feel free to post any suggestions as to what you might call it.

A big thanks to Mary Barker, Monarchs fan, season ticket holder, and local Ambassador to Sacramento.

Mary was nice enough to give me a lift from the airport and to Target where I had to make a few purchases. Ahhh, it’s a good thing that most everywhere you go, you can find a Target. Just don’t wear a red shirt an khakis when you shop there; people will start asking you where things are. However, if you should ever make that mistake, just tell anyone who asks that “it’s in isle 6”. It is a great source of instant entertainment.

After settling in my hotel room, I was getting ready to hit the sac to rest up for game day. Then I turned on the AC to discover it made a high pitched squealing sound. It was not a rattle or a hum (U2 pun not intended) but an ear splitting squealing. Think of the scene in Dumb and Dumber (2 hours of my life stolen by watching that movie) when Jim Carrey makes what he calls ‘The most annoying sound ever.” Yeah, I wasn’t going to get any sleep. So, the hotel moved me to another room; now I had to pack up and move down the hall. By the time I finished it was almost midnight. *groan*

In the morning, I was on not one, but two morning news shows. One went well, (Channel 10) and the other (Channel 13)..well…not so much. Channel 10 was much more interested in my story, as Channel 13 seemed to want me to counter-validate all of the negative & stereotypical insinuatiuons of the WNBA. (not fun) But it was live TV and I really could not do much about it. (As soon as I can get clips posted, will let you know) The Sacramento Bee also did a great article on my journey as well. (Click here to read the article)

Game time approached, so I made my way over to ARCO arena, home of the Sacramento Kings and Monarchs. (Hmm, there’s a theme) The game was tense, as the Monarchs looked to get a W at home, while Chicago hoped to end their 2 game loosing streak. This was the second game so far that Sylvia Fowles (aka Big Syl) did not suit up; she was out with swelling & soreness in her right knee. After watching Sylvia do some amazing things with the US Olympic team, I was looking forward to seeing her play in a regular season game. Here’s hoping she will be well enough to play by the time I get to Chicago.

The battle on the court was fought long and hard, but in the end the Monarchs ruled with the win. (c’mon, how could I not use that pun?)

Post game was…well…an experience I will never forget (as I hope the Monarchs do the opposite & quickly erase it from their memories) to say the least. I give a brief explanation in the video below, followed by a rather uncomfortable interview with Monarchs rookie, Courtney Paris. Courtney was a delight to talk to, but umm…well…oh just watch.

Pre-game, I was able to get an interview with Monarchs star and Olympic gold medalist, Kara Lawson. She was very cool to talk to.

Well, at least the Monarchs had a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

Next stop, Seattle!


Dude - you didn't know Ashley Paris got waived??? I was embarrassed for you!

So THAT's what happened with Swin's luggage!

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