Game on in our nation’s capital!

Posted by Alex W.C. on 7:48 PM
I’ve arrived at our nations capital on stop #10 of my journey, home to the Washington Mystics. The Mystics have been having a good season thus far, so I was anxious to see them play. Fortunately, I did not have any delays; my flight went out right on time. DC was kind of a homecoming and somewhat sentimental for me, as this was where I lived for 3 years while I attended Gallaudet University, both as a visiting student and for graduate school. I was actually staying with one of my best friends, Devlin, who was my roommate in the dorms for 2 years. (I only wish I could have stayed longer)

There was something rather unique to this stop on my journey; something not related to basketball. A little explanation might be required.

As some of you may or may not know, I am dedicating this journey in memory to my good friend Cyndee, who lost her battle with breast cancer last year in April. Well, I think it was fate that Cyndee’s husband found me on facebook. He sent me a very heartfelt message, thanking me for dedicating my journey to Cyndee. (I did get e bit emotional reading it) He then told Cyndee’s mother about my journey, and she in turn contacted Cyndee’s sister Michelle, who lives in Baltimore. With a few messages back and forth on facebook, we were able to coordinate meeting up at the game. Keep in mind, Michelle and I have never met; I only know of her through Cyndee mentioning her a couple of times. Needless to say, I felt nervous & and excited all at the same time. The cool thing was that she was able to get a suite through her employer. Things were getting better and better!

I barely had enough time to grab a quick shower and nap (oh, the nap was sooooo needed) before my friend and I headed to the game. I grabbed a quick bite in the media room, and then headed up to meet Cyndee’s sisiter, Michelle. When I walked into the suite, I saw Michelle and we gave each other a big hug. Although we had never met, it was like we already had. We looked at each other, and though neither of us said much at first, we both knew we had the same thing in common; how much we missed Cyndee. We watched the first half of the game from the comfort of the suite, and planned on watching the rest of the game from the floor.

At the half, I got to meet a couple of twitter buddies, @xwomynjoc & @basketcase1. @basketcase1 begged me not to be in the picture, but I wanted to give props to the fans who’ve been following me, especially the ones I am fortunate enough to meet.

Then I had to head down to the floor for an on court interview about my journey.
It seems that with every area I go to, the showcasing of my journey becomes more and more prominent. (which is kinda cool…) I also noticed that the crowd a large amount of NY fans, which made for quite an entertaining game. The game was a good one as both NY and DC battled it out ‘till the very last second. In the end, the Mystics got the W.

Side note, Devlin and Michelle, neither of whom had attended a Mystics game, both commented how good the game was and how much fun they had. Count two new WNBA fans! Right on!

Once the game was over, Michelle and I said our good-byes, hugged and then hugged again. We both agreed that Cyndee would have had a great time at the game. I was glad I got to meet Michelle, and I am looking forward to keeping in touch with her. Before we parted ways, we had our picture taken. This was going to be one stop on the trip that would be in my thoughts for a while.

Post game I was fortunate enough to chat with rookie Marissa Coleman and Mystics All-Star Alana Beard. I squeezed in between Alana and Marissa, and asked Marissa about rookie life and being drafted to a WNBA team that just so happens to be in the same area she grew up in. (Is it just me, or so I look all doe-y eyed when I am looking at Marissa...lol!)

Ok, FYI – these interviews might be a little loud, as I was using a different mic. Sorry, but locker rooms can get a bit noisy. *smile*

Before I got to sit down with Alana Beard, she was autographing some basketballs for a few young fans. One particular interaction with a young fan was very cute, so I had to include in on the video. (Big thanks to Devlin for being my camera man, and getting this cool moment!)

DC was great! Now, on to the Big Apple to catch NY Liberty action at Madison Square Garden!


Thanks for an inside look at the Mystics from an outside viewer. It was great meeting you. Your journey is almost over and I bet you wish it could continue. Be well.

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