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Posted by Alex W.C. on 4:37 PM
Stop #11 takes me to Madison Square Garden, located in New York City (aka, the big apple, the city that never sleeps, etc etc) This was my first time to the city, so it was also my first time to Madison Square Garden, home to the New York Knicks and the New York Liberty.

While I was in NY, I had a chance to see some sights. Check out some NY city landmarks.

When I arrived at “The Garden”, as everyone calls it, I finally got to meet one of my contacts at the WNBA. Hilary Shaev was the one who found me on facebook, and initially contacted me. We have spoken on the phone and emailed for months, and had never formally met. It was nice to put a face to a name. (and she brought me a salad for lunch, how cool is that?) Anyway, we made our way to the media room, and took a few moments to enjoy our salads. It was a welcome change from the hot dogs, nachos and beer I have been living off of for the past three weeks. (…Well, it was light beer, but still…)

Before the game, I had a chance to chat with a couple of the Liberty; Janel McCarville and Ashley Battle. Janel was up first.

After I wrapped it up with Janel, I got a chance to chat with Ashley Ballte. Of course, the cool things Janel suggested I ask Ashley, I completely forgot. However, we did have a surprise visit from Essence Carson, who helped me out and held the camera for the remainder of the interview.

The game was exciting, as New York fought from behind to get the win. This was the third game in three days, and I am now 3 for 3; All three teams I saw all won the games! It was a good thing. During the game though, I had a wonderful opportunity; I got to sit with Donna Orender, president of the WNBA. She was great, and even bought me chicken fingers! (Which she said were one of her favorite things to get at the garden.) I had a chance to share with her a few of the highlights of my trip. We really did not have much time to chat, as I was busy watching the game. LOL!

Post game I hung out in the locker room to say some thank you’s to the players, and congratulate them on a great win.

The next day I headed into the city, to meet up with the folks at the WNBA offices. As I walked around the office, several people knew me from watching my you tube videos. It was rather surreal, but still kind of cool. As I walked thought the different offices, I got to meet several people I have been in touch with, and now have seen them in person. I was very impressed with the WNBA, and thankful that there were so many people in the league who were looking out for me. I sat in on a weekly staff meeting which was quite an eye opener. I can tell you this; a tremendous amount of work goes into everything that comes out of the WNBA; and there was quite an impressive team getting things done.

Well, New York was a great experience, and now, on to my last regular season game to see the Sun in Connecticut.


Hey, man. This whole thing you're doing is fantastic. It's great to see the players candidly like this. Thanks for the idea, 'cause I'd really love to do this someday, too. Without the publicity. *grin*

I was wondering if you could do me a little favor? I mean, it should be awesome for you, too. But there aren't nearly enough interviews of Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi together, and I figure that'll be a blast to see. So, what d'you think?

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