Sleepless in Seattle (…or just lightly napping)

Posted by Alex W.C. on 7:21 PM
Stop # 6 is almost my halfway point in my journey, and boy was this a great time to visit the Emerald city. Not only am I fond of Seattle (just as much as Seattle is fond of coffee), but there is a special place in my heart for Seattle, because I was born here. Ah, 74’ was a good year.

When I arrived in Seattle, I had the chance to be interviewed by Becca and Michelle “From the Cheap Seats”, a blog on After Ellen.com (Click here) It was quite the unconventional interview, but that made it all the more fun! It was neat to be interviewed by gals who are just as passionate as I am about the WNBA. Check out the interview, click here.

Game day was also Green Day (no, the environmental day, not the band...silly!) Actually, it was WNBA’s green week. But I’ll be honest, no one quite does Green week like Seattle. I had a chance to walk around the arena, and learn about some of the exciting projects that local groups, along with the Seattle Storm, are working on in the Seattle area. One project involved several Storm team members getting dirty and digging around out in the forest, all in the name of supporting the environment. It is nice to see professional athletes still reach out to their local community to support a worthwhile cause – even if it means getting your hands dirty.

Prior to the game, I had a chance to sit down with #10 Sue Bird for a quick chat. Unfortunately, there was a boom box jammin’ in the locker room, so it might be kind of hard to hear Sue. I am working on a transcript of the interview to be posted soon.

So, it was game time, and I made my way to my seats to see the Storm take on the Monarchs. I was looking forward to a great game. One cool thing I noticed, was the pre game disclaimer (about proper behavior during the game) was not just put up for people to read, but each player took a being in the video and reading a section. This was followed by funny clips from TV shows like “Family Guy” etc. It really got the crowds attention and made a mundane and repetitive procedure into something quite entertaining. It was nice to see that the team got involved, so it is obvious that the entire Storm organization really cares about the fan experience.

The first half of the game was a good one, with the Storm at times keeping a slim lead, with the Monarchs rallying close behind. During the second quarter, I had the opportunity to get interviewed by Shellie Hart, the Storm’s arena host...(on the Jumbo-Tron no less) She announced to the entire crowd that I was a Phoenix Mercury season ticket holder, (I am just glad it wasn’t during the playoffs!) The crowd reaction was fairly positive, but when I wasn’t looking, Doppler, the Storm mascot, was pelting me with popcorn. (Twice!) Click here to read the post-game interview on Storm Tracker.

During the 3rd q, I got to sit with the local radio station that covers the Storm games. It was a series of brief questions during time outs and foul calls. It was neat to listen to the game at the same time I was watching it. The game stayed close, but Seattle pulled out the win! Ok, this is where I admit one of my faults; I am really bad with names. Two season ticket holders for the Storm were nice enough to give me one of their courtside seats to watch the 4th quarter. The seat was right next to the Storm bench, which was very cool! A big thanks goes out to them for being great hosts! (if they are reading this, send me an email at 13teams1journey@gmail.com so I can say thanks!)

Post game, I caught up with #15, Lauren Jackson. We talked about coffee and all things Aussie. Check it out!

Seattle was an exciting experience! Now I know why some could be sleepless no? Now, on to the windy city, Chicago!


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