All-Star, looking back, and going forward.

Posted by Alex W.C. on 10:02 PM
Okay, so here I am, back home in sunny (and rather hot) Phoenix AZ. The journey has come to an end, and I could not be happier. (Well, I’d be even happier if I didn’t have to go back to work. *laugh*)

The All-Star game was something else. I think one of the coolest things by far was seeing all the players I had a chance to interview once again. It was like, “Hey, I know you…”

…but I am getting ahead of myself.

In order to appreciate the All-Star game, let me tell you what fun I had just getting there. It made my hour drive to the Palace in Detroit seem like a cakewalk. First, I took a train (delayed) from NY Penn Station to New London CT. (Yeah, I had no idea where that was either) Then, once at the New London station, I took a cab to wonderful scenic… Uncasville. If you’re thinking, “Man, that sounds like it is in the middle of nowhere!” You’re right. The Mohegan Sun hotel/casino is beautiful from the outside as well as the in…and it is the ONLY thing for MILES around. When you get there, don’t plan to go anywhere else, because quite frankly, there is no where else to go. *laugh*

I checked into my room, made my way upstairs and settled in. I couldn’t believe I was finally going to get to stay in once place for more than few days (4 to be exact.) The rooms at the Mohegan are quite nice; a step up from Days Inn, that is for sure. ( I still liked my room in NY better, but that was for different reasons.) It was interesting that I actually had a chance to unpack. This was something I had not grown accustomed to on my trip, due to such short stays.

However, I did not have long, as the Connecticut Sun were playing that night. I made my way down to the arena, and got the lay of the land, so to speak. I was doing all of my interviews post game, so pre-game time was spent in the media lounge. They were serving, and I kid you not, Philly Steak egg rolls. Hmm, quite an interesting notion, but also very tasty.

While I was waiting for the game to start, I began to reflect on my journey and the many things that had happened. Here is a list of “Fun Facts” that I complied:

12,843 – the number of miles traveled
310 – number of fans on facebook.
595 – number of followers on twitter.
50 – the number of minutes I had to drive from the airport in Detroit to the Palace at Auburn Hills.
4 – longest number of days in one city (Chicago)
3 – number of consecutive games attended. (no break in between)
45.5 – the weight in pounds of my heaviest piece of luggage.
3 – pieces of luggage brought on the journey.
0 – times luggage was lost (Thank you Jesus!)
8 – the number of hotels stayed at
4 – the number of hotel shampoos I stole
11 – the number of flights taken
4 – the number of train rides taken
4 – number of cab rides taken
2 – number of travel delays (1 by plane, 1 by train)
5 – the number of hours of the longest delay (Chicago to Indiana)
8 – number of wins witnessed
4 – number of losses witnessed (Hey, 8 W and 4 L – not bad)
2 – number of hot dogs consumed (Not as many as you’d think. Does the spicy sausage I had in LA count?)
2 – the number of locker rooms I didn’t get to see (Atlanta and San Antonio)
1 – the number of times I was pelted with popcorn for being a Phoenix Mercury fan.
(in Seattle. Doppler, Seattle’s Mascot, did the honors)
7 – number of games sitting courtside.
2 – number of loose balls that I had to duck from
1 – number of loose balls I got hit with (okay it was at an All-Star event, not a game, but it still hurt)
1 – number of marriage proposals via twitter.
0 – number of marriage proposals by any WNBA player *sigh*
1 – number of times I was “spoken to” about not cheering while seated on press row. (Apparently, the press is supposed to be neutral. Yeah, who knew?)
1 – number of free flights I received post trip for all the frequent flyer miles I racked up! (Thanks Southwest!)

So, with the Connecticut game over, and with a win, it was time to head into the locker room. Check out my blog entry, Welcome to Sun country in…Uncasville. For the details.

Prior to the All-Star game, I had a chance to attend a cool community event. Charde Houston, Cappie Pondexter, Katie Douglas, Tamika Catchings and Asjha Jones were on hand to dedicate a new basketball court & lead the kids in some basketball drills. But what really happened behind the scenes? Take a look at the pic below, no caption needed.

The All-Star game was, well, incredible. It was more than a game, as I would call it an experience. This first video showed how I tried to tape the pre-game skills challenge. As you can see, I am not that skilled at taping live action. I did get some cool pre game stuff though.

The next video was as I entered the West locker room past game. I had a chance to chat with Becky Hammon, Sophia Young and I had a chance to meet Tina Thompson’s son, Dylan.

Part three, Sue Bird shows me her bling, Charde Houston eats a mayo sandwich and does the stanky leg (She’ll probably never forgive me for showing the mayo sandwich…lol!) plus I get a few minutes with LJ.

And part four – I catch up with Tamika Catchings, (who got locked out of the locker room, albeit briefly) and I get a quick shot of Erika de Souza. After all that, a quick 10 seconds with D.T.

So here it is, being at the end of the journey. Thanks to everyone who became a fan on facebook, and a follower on twitter. I enjoyed exchanging messages with everyone. Please keep in touch, as I plan on blogging about WNBA stuff for a while. A special thanks to those who purchased my “13 teams” tee shirt. The money raised from those sales will go to the Kay Yow foundation.

Now, it’s almost playoff time. I’m psyched!

Will I do it again? Hmm, we shall see. At least I know I have a once in a lifetime memory that I will treasure, and an experience I will never forget!


Glad to see you finnally put up all-star stuff. I could imagine there's tons of edting involved. Thanks for posting about every city on your trip, I always looked forward to seeing what was your latest adventure. Please, please continue to blog about the WNBA for the rest of the season, should be a great finish!

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