Diana's bringing sexy back...or at least telling you where to find it.

Posted by Alex W.C. on 8:19 PM
Recently, the French women's basketball site LadyHoop posted an interview about Diana and her battle with the FIBA over the shorter-shorts. To get caught up with this, feel free to check out my previous blog post. Since it is in French, I decided to give it the run through on Google translate and post excerpts of it here. (For the original post in French, click here)

The American player is mounted to the plate and denounces held "Slim" imposed by FIBA.

(Google translation - I think they might be insinuate that the new shorts are "slimming" and somehow, Diana is standing firm on her choice to play in long shorts. Either that, or they have permanently mounted her to a plate. I hope it's the former.)

 "If you want things sexy, read Playboy," she let loose in an interview with Spanish daily Ara.

I think this is kind of her way of telling the FIBA where they can stick their new uniforms. Not only that, she chose one of the more classier mens magazines as an example of sexy. Personally, I read it for the articles.

"It's been 20 years since I played with long shorts and I can not do otherwise. I know in tennis or volleyball, it's different [...] They want to show the sexiest basketball but basketball is not sexy, it's a sport. It is a physical sport that is played with speed. Our outfits are cultural and it's been years that we play like that, without tight jerseys. "
Nuff Said! Hopefully, the FIBA will stop trying to make it into a fashion show, and let them do what Diana and the other athletes do best...play basketball!


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