Who wears short-shorts? Not Diana.

Posted by Alex W.C. on 11:51 AM
For most parts of the world (except Australia and a few other places in the southern hemisphere) the temperatures are a bit “brisk” and weather ranges from chilly to downright cold, and freezing in some cases. Thus, many of us are wearing winter wear, which can include layers of clothing in an effort to stay warm. No one would even think about donning skimpy summer wear just yet.

Well, except the FIBA.

As reported by lovewomensbasketball.com: “The FIBA Europe prior to this season accepted new regulations regarding uniforms in EuroLeague Women that state that shorts have to be at least 10 cm above the knee and there can be only two centimeters between the shorts and the skin.”

I guess the FIBA assumes that because the weather doesn’t affect the environment on the court, that short-shorts are perfectly acceptable. Now, those measurements for shorts are not exactly “hot pants” short, but they are noticeably shorter than previous uniforms. For most of the women playing in the EuroLeage, there was a little speculation, but for the most part it was business as usual after the change was implemented.

Except for Diana Taurasi.

Diana, not one for shorter shorts, opted for the more full length style she is used to. However, the FIBA disagrees, and has assessed Diana a “2000 Euro fine for every EuroLeague Women game she has played with Galatasaray due to not obeying the new uniform rules.”

It doesn’t end there.

“Diana Taurasi doesn’t care about that and is willing to pay the fines to wear the shorts she likes. For Galatasaray this season there are guaranteed 14 group stage games in ELW and 4 Final Eight games. That totals 18 games or 36 thousand Euro (~46k USD) income for FIBA Europe from Taurasi alone by the end of the season.”

That is quite a chunk of change.

One, it is ridiculous for the FIBA to fine Diana for improper use of shorts, and two, I like the fact that Diana is standing up for what she believes in. Keep in mind, it was not long ago that the FIBA was talking about other changes, such as lowering the rim. One wonders what the FIBA has in mind with these changes, if they are focusing more on visual entertainment values, or athleticism and sportsmanship.

Either way, by the end of the season, they’ll have some extra income thanks to Ms. Taurasi. Hopefully, they’ll spend it wisely.

In the meantime, I’m going to start wearing my full length basketball shorts to the gym, in honor of Diana…and because no one needs to see my pasty white legs in short-shorts.

Trust me, you don’t.


Hey leave "DT" alone she can wear whatever she wants and do whatever she wants because she kicks ass

we love u Diana

U go girl!
DT Rocks

Short shorts or long shorts why does that really matter as long as u got game is all that matters

Diana Taurasi gots game

There was a girl in my school who used to wear short shorts a lot of times. She wore beyond yoga leggings at times and that looked superb on her. I had to ask her from where she got it from. I was so happy after that. Anyways, this was an interesting post.

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