If ignorance is bliss...

Posted by Alex W.C. on 11:37 AM
Yup, it's the playoffs. Tempers are flaring, play is getting intense, and fans are going crazy (myself included.) It is that time of the season; it happens.

Last night (Sept 19th, 2011) the Phoenix Mercury pulled out a huge win, coming back from an 18 point defect to top the Seattle Storm 77 - 75. It was a good game all around.

But something is troubling me as I read comments on Twitter and Facebook. Mainly about two things - Diana Taurasi and why the Storm lost.

Let's start with Diana. Oh, and I am going to put it on the table - yes I'm a fan of hers, and if that makes me biased, so be it.

One comment on Facebook went a little something like this -

"DT is just a no good white trash thug who thinks just because she played for UConn, her poo don't stink.....Bird has more class in her pinky finger than DT will ever have, as well as the rest of the Storm..hope SA or Minn sends DT home with a whoopin'! I am a SASS fan & hope they win, but if not,would much rather have Minn in the West to represent...any team but DT's....She is a disgrace to society with her roid rage behavior.....LOSER!"


"White trash thug" and "disgrace to society" are usually comments reserved for those who truly reflect qualities that are quite unbecoming - but I don't think they're justifiable in Diana's case.

Yes, she got called for the technical-and when ESPN has to blur your mouth because the F bomb(s)you're dropping is/are more than apparent, I'd say the technical was deserved. However, I don't think her outburst justifies such comments, especially those serving to reflect her overall as a person. Comments like these are usually filled by anger; people who make them would never give Diana a chance. Her behavior was poor, but is surely does not define her as a person.

The true ignorance in this comment was in the final part -

"...with her roid-rage behavior"

Oh, we're going there? Really?

Medically speaking, there is NO definitive or conclusive evidence that steroids cause aggressive behavior, only theories about isolated cases. As a matter of fact, most studies have shown that those who take anabolic steroids already had a disposition for aggressive behavior BEFORE they took them.

Oh, and the fact that Diana has NEVER BEEN ACCUSED OF TAKING STEROIDS!

This is a obvious dig at Taurasi for the doping allegations she was cleared of, and quite a while ago. Oh, and she was accused of taking a stimulant, not a steroid. Hey, while you're at it, why not add "her drunken " behavior to the "roid rage" comment? Yeah, dig up the DUI incident again - because it has about as much relevance as the "riod rage" comment does.

Bottom line, venting toward Diana really just shows how ignorant people can be. I don't support her behavior, but there is so much more about her that truly defines who she is. Put down the haterate and educate yourself before you comment. You might actually surprise yourself.

Now, on to the Seattle Storm.

Last nights game had sub-par officiating; yes, on both ends, there were questionable calls. Hey, it wouldn't be the WNBA without them, now would it? Even Rebeca Lobo commnented how there were far too many calls and that she was "...ready for some basketball." Excessive foul calls to suck the excitement out of a game. No doubt.

As I followed my time line on Twitter, tweet after tweet comments kept saying the same thing - how the Storm lost because of poor officiating.

I will not disagree that was a factor, but I wanted to point out a few other factors -

1. Seattle had home court. That advantage was huge.
2. Seattle had an 18 point lead at one point in the game.
3. Seattle was 11 of 20 from the stripe - missing out on 9 points.
4. Katie Smith (who's averaging 7.5 points per game this season) was 0 for 9.
5. The top scorer in the WNBA, Diana Taurasi fouled out and sat on the bench for the final 6 minutes.

I'd say those also came into play as to why the Storm could not nab the victory.

You can't blame just officiating. Oh, trust me, there are sometimes I would like to (and admittedly, have a few times this season.) It was a hard fought battle, and Seattle had several opportunities to run away with this game. It just didn't happen like that. Seattle did make it quite an exciting run, and I think everyone should respect that.

I can empathize though. I felt just as angry when Sue made that buzzer beater to defeat Phoenix in the Western Conf. finals last year. I was more angry about the fact that we left Sue Bird wide open at the arc - if you want to beat Seattle, you just don't do that. We did, and the rest was history.

Officials will be officials - arguing with them does little, and hating them does less. Yes, I will still be voicing my opinions about them at games in the form of several creative derogatory responses.

In the end though, it is teams that win - so may the best team do so.


Two words...

Posted by Alex W.C. on 10:25 AM
Thank you.

It is a simple thing to say, but all too necessary. It was just two months ago that I released my book, “13 Teams: One Man’s Journey with the WNBA” and was not quite sure how it would be received.

However, before I get into that, there were several events that preceded; events I want to make everyone aware of.

Almost a year to the day of my journey in 2009, I was diagnosed with a ruptured disc in my spine, between my L4 and L5 (lower back, near the tailbone). Because of this, I had to have surgery, which for the next 8 months, put a halt on many things in my life - namely finishing my book.

Challenges would not stop there however. After my back had healed, I had to leave my job in public education, put my home up for sale (which it still is) and took a huge financial hit. At this time, this was not an uncommon story for most Americans, as the struggling economy has impacted us all in many ways. None of them good.

I was at a very low point in my life. When you experience having everything taken from you, it leaves little to believe in. Yet, I pressed on. My father always taught me that perseverance is the only thing that will lead you to success in life. Talent, skill, and intelligence are all worthless - unless you put forth the effort to use it. Plus, I made a commitment to share my story with the best sports fans ever. I could not let anyone down.

So, I continued on with my book. For six months (January till May) I wrote every day, 7 days a week, morning, noon and night. I was focused and determined on bringing the book out to the fans of the WNBA for the 15th anniversary of the league.

A few weeks later, after much editing and several proofs ordered, the book was complete. I’ll never forget what it felt like – emotionally yes – but I’m speaking about what the actual physical book felt like when I held it in my hand for the first time. This was my gold medal, my championship trophy.

The only thing left at this point was to share it with you, the fans. Once I did, Facebook messages, tweets and emails poured in from around the country and around the world, all positive, uplifting and bringing me much happiness. You – the fans of this league we have all loved for the past 15 years – you are the ones who have allowed me to see the good in so many. You have exemplified how the word support should be defined, and have shown everyone who follows in your social media circles what being part of a family of fans truly means.

I know that I will always be able to count on you – the fans. I am so glad to be a part of this family, this movement, this group that is the reason why my journey was one of the most memorable parts of my life. With numerous words and thoughts flying through my head to express my gratitude, only two seem fitting. So, from the caverns at the bottom of my heart, to the top of Diana Taurasi’s bun...

Thank you.

(…You didn’t think I’d make a post without mentioning my girl, did you? *smile*)


To all my overseas fans!

Posted by Alex W.C. on 2:41 PM
First of all, thanks to all those who overseas who ordered the book and waited between 4 - 6 weeks to get it. I appreciate your patience.

The book is now available in paperback from Amazon.com partners in the UK and in Germany.

Dispatching from the UK from £8.48 + £2.80 delivery: Click here.

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Thanks for all of your support!!!!

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