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Hmm, things seem to be a little different, no? Yes, I've changed my twitter handle, as well as my website URL. Let's just say the change has been a long time coming and was inevitable. No, the WNBA did not tell me to stop using the likeness of their name - they even re-tweeted it when I changed it to WNBA_GUY on twitter two years ago.

So, why the change?

It became apparent to me about half way into the NCAA women's tournament this year that my fandom for women's hoop went well outside the realms of the WNBA - hence just using the letter W. After thinking about it a little while longer, I thought that with the book coming out soon (we'll get to more details in a minute) using the likeness of the WNBA brand might not be such a good idea. For starters, I want to make sure people do not assume that I am a part of the WNBA as an organization. Oh, indeed I support them any way I can, but I'm a fan who is more autonomous than anything. Thus I decided wguyblog would be a good name to move to.

There you have it. @wguyblog on twitter and here at www.wguyblog.com. I'll be posting blog updates & new videos (got a new HD Kodak Zi8) on Mondays from now until the end of the season as best I can. Also, check out my semi-regular spot over at "Dishin & Swishin" with David Siegel.

Ok, ok, yes, I know. The book has been coming out for weeks now, but no news. Well, I can safely say that it should be available on Amazon.com within the next two weeks. Editing comes in layers, and it took more than I thought it would. I refuse to give WNBA fans anything less than my very best, so I do thank you for your patience. I'll blast out tweets and Facebook updates the minute it is available.

In the meantime I put together my first video.

What was an excuse to get out of town for a few days turned into me attending a community event with the Washington Mystics. The team had partnered with Dreams for Kids DC to put on an adaptive basketball clinic for kids with physical or cognative disabilities. I had a great time and got to touch base with Mystics rookie Ta'Shia Phillips, who shared her thoughts on interacting with the community.


Don't forget to vote for your All-Stars!!


Nice read & I luved the video of the camp & Mystic players. So true it leaves a impact on these kids lives for ever. That's why it's unfourtunate our WNBA is gone...the kids & all the fans miss it.However we had the team for many years, we are grateful.

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