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Take it from me, when I say I've been there, I indeed have been there.

After all of the traveling I've done, I know what it's like to develop and execute a successful travel plan.

So, for those of you planning on attending the WNBA 2011 All-Star game in San Antonio, Texas, here is some helpful info you might be able to use:

AT&T Center:

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Tickets are now on sale through Ticketmaster, and prices will fit almost any budget - $15 to $186. Don't forget to add parking for 5 bucks! (it will be on the lower part of the page before you pay for the tickets.)

With fuel prices going up, airfare is not going to be cheap. Yes, that's bad news. But there's plenty of time to budget for the trip, as this is probably the most expensive part of the trip.

San Antonio International Airport is only 8 miles from AT&T center, so, should you be going directly to the game, a cab ride should only take 15-20 minutes tops. (Depending on traffic)

Southwest Airlines has often been the lower cost airline in these situations. They do fly to/from every city that has a WNBA team, with the exception of Atlanta. (Coonecticut via Hartford, Washington D.C. via Baltimore.) For Atlanta, Delta would be your best bet, as Atlanta is a main hub for them, and you'll probably have the most flight choices. Coincidently, Delta (as of today, March 5th, 2011) has some of the best prices going - but don't forget to add 50 bucks (25 each way) if you are going to check at least 1 bag.

Buying in advance might not be the best option, as many airlines have sales right before summer travel. Your best bet is to - and I know this sounds weird - check on Wednesdays at or around midnight. Several friends in the travel industry have told me this is when many changes are put in place. Not sure if it is true, but it is worth a shot.

Also, you can try websites like Hotwire.com. Nicest thing about hotwire, the'll email you if the price goes down on a certain fare and let you compare with all the other travel sites.

Hotels (5 closest to AT&T center):

One thing to know about any of the nearby hotels, plan to drive or get a cab to the arena. Unfortunately, there is no hotel within "walking" distance. You can walk, but it will be quite a treacherous one, and I would not recommend it. Good news - most of the hotels are 3 - 5 miles to the riverwalk and downtown. You'll need to head that way anyway, because there are really no nearby shops or restaurants.

Days Inn San Antonio - At&T Center TX‎ - 1.1 miles away
$64 - $70
125 reviews - (2.5 star average review)
4039 E. Houston Street
San Antonio, TX 78220
(210) 333-9100

Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Near AT&T Center‎ - 1.1 miles away
$55 - $80
66 reviews - (3.5 star average review)
2755 N. Panam Expressway
San Antonio, TX 78208
(210) 229-9220

Comfort Inn & Suites Near the AT&T Center‎ 1.3 miles away
$100 - $115
30 reviews - (3.5 star average review)
4038 I-10 East
San Antonio, TX 78219
(210) 447-2000
(this hotel is where I stayed on my 09' journey. I can say that it was clean, and comfy. Worth the money. However, it is not close to ANYTHING, as many of the hotels near the arena.)

Hotel Microtel Inn (now a Days Inn) - Suites San Antonio NE‎ 1.4 miles away
$72 - $99
71 reviews - (3.5 star average review)
3443 Ih-35 North
San Antonio, TX 78219
(210) 225-4040

Travelodge San Antonio ATT Center 1.4 miles away
$120-$149 (3 star average review)
3939 East Houston Street
San Antonio, TX 78220 US

If you are looking for a little more high end hotels, San Antonio & the riverwalk is a mere 4 miles from the AT&T center. Expect to pay $100 - 180 a night.

Rental car:

A search of rental car places in San Antonio shows that rental cars are fairly inexpensive. (Click here)

Economy ranges from 18 - 24 dollars a day, while midsize and standard prices range from 25 - 30 dollars a day. Expect gas to be at least 4 - 5 bucks by this time. Fortunately, San Antonio, the AT&T center and the airport are all close to each other. Always check local gas prices before you pay for gas up front. Filling up the tank yourself might be cheaper, depending on how much driving you are going to do.

*UPDATE* 3/08/2011 - Someone shared some good info in a comment: For me, the "name your own price" option on Priceline.com has always netted me the best rates on rental cars. I've paid as little as $9/day in S.A. -PLIF05

That should be enough to get you started. Hey Silver Stars Nation, San Antonio residents, Hammonites, etc leave comments with any more suggestions, including Hotel, Restaurant, Nightlife ideas! We're looking forward to you being the hosts for this years big event!!

Check back often, as I will be updating this page with current info on the WNBA All-Star game for 2011, including schedules of events, news, etc.


For me, the "name your own price" option on Priceline.com has always netted me the best rates on rental cars. I've paid as little as $9/day in S.A. -PLIF05

I'll share your comment, thanks!!

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