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Posted by Alex W.C. on 10:33 PM
With the suspension lifted on Diana Taurasi, there are many things that could be said. However, I thought it might be better if Diana said it herself. Here are some of the quotes from Taurasi on this experience:

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On how she felt when she first heard the news:

"I played in a game on November 12 and I got drug tested after the game, like I have at least 50 times in the last eight years easily," Taurasi said. "And then after about two weeks...l had the letter of the positive test from the doping association and that's when I was feeling a state of shock. I was really numb from what the paper said because I knew I'd never taken it."

As reported by BuiltByDays, Swish Appeal.

On how she feels now:

"I definitely have the greatest sigh of relief. Yesterday and today, I finally feel like I can start putting it behind me. I do feel vindicated. I feel like the facts came out with all the information on the table," Taurasi said.

On how people reacted:

"There were two sides. There were people judging me at the drop of a dime but then there was the other side where the fans were great, my family, my friends, people who've known me for a long time and their unwavering support. It was two fold."

As reported by Seth Pollack, SB Nation, AZ

On the lab results being leaked:

"I feel like the facts came out, and it's like I said from day one: It's a road I never crossed," she said in a teleconference Thursday. "The whole situation was handled poorly -- from information leaking early to due process not being held the right way. The lab and all the things that we were wary of from the beginning were determining factors."

As reported by Mechelle Voepel, ESPN

On playing overseas again:

"I’m going to take a very close look at the next club team I play with because I definitely intend to go back to Europe because that is my profession. I play basketball, and it’s great competition. But I’m not going to put my career at risk any more."

As reported by Jeff Metcalfe, AZCentral.com

On her thoughts during the experience:

"I had those thoughts, You know, what if I don't get justice? What if I can't play in the Olympics or in the WNBA? What if I'm out of the sport that I worked so hard at and love so much?"

"People's first judgments were very negative, but at the same time the response I've received from so many makes me think people do care. This is a serious topic."

As reported by John Altavilla, Hartford Courant.


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