Fans, Fez and the Fall of the E-league

Posted by Alex W.C. on 6:52 AM
Monday night, a few of the Mercury players were hanging out at FEZ, a local restaurant/bar here in Phoenix. I got the chance to chat it up with them as well. Here's my 1st impression:

DeWanna Bonner: Great kid! Very friendly and quite personable. She is going to be a fan fave for sure.

Nicole Ohlde: Talked about her toe (which was broken...key word is was) and also about how happy she is to be in Phoenix. I think she'll be a good fit.

Laurie Koehn: We laughed together, as we shared a mutual dislike for the traffic and streets of D.C. (I went to grad school and lived there for 3 years) Very nice to talk to.

Tangela Smith: Tan was fun as always; she was serving up water, making sure everyone was hydrated. I think she just wanted to eat. LOL!

A great night in Phoenix to start the season off right. Can't wait to see the game this Saturday. The season is here, and it is ON!

And speaking of which....

When will the men learn? In case you missed it...The Chicago Sky took on the guys of the E league celebrity team in an exhibition game dubbed "The battle of the sexes". The Sky dominated the floor and crushed the E league in a blow out in a 55 - 102 win. The game was very physical, as the guys from the e-league attempted (and I use the word "attempted" lightly) to bring their A game against Fowles, Dupree & co. With only a measly 1 point lead (the only lead the E league ever had) for about 10 seconds in the first Q, the E league never had a chance; but it was entertaining to watch them try.

Hey guys, the athletes in the WNBA got game. Learn it & know it, because there is no denying it.


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