Inside the Phoenix Mercury Locker Room!

Posted by Alex W.C. on 10:44 AM
This past Wednesday I was in for a real treat! I asked my friend Lisa if we could talk WNBA over coffee, and tape it for my blog. She agreed, and suggested we tape the chat in none other than the Phoenix Mercury locker room! This was indeed an exciting moment. Yeah, the team wasn't there, but it was quite a thrill to sit in the locker room of my home team. Check out our chat, as we talk about the Mercury, and the upcoming WNBA season.


Things are coming together...

Posted by Alex W.C. on 11:55 AM
Hey All,
Ok, so by now you've seen my reasons for this trip, as well as my planning process. It is (or it should be) pretty apparent that I am quite a passionate fan of the WNBA. I just wanted to say that the reaction I have been getting has been fantastic!! Yes, there are the haters, but luckily I have not encountered them yet. A big shout out to all the junkies over at rebkell's message boards, who have been welcoming and generous with a ton of support. I have been so distracted this week, because I am even MORE excited about this trip than I was before. And looking at the calendar, it will be April soon...2 more months and then the WNBA season starts!!! I can't wait, as I have been watching highlight clips on youtube endlessly for the past 3 weeks. If you are a fan, and will be at the games this summer, check out my schedule and drop me a line so I know to come say hi. 13teams1journey@gmail.com. Next time hope to have a little more to say.

till then...


13 Teams, 1 Journey - The Plan

Posted by Alex W.C. on 7:44 PM
Here it is! The plan that will take me to 13 (well, 12 plus 1 - I live in Phoenix...does that count?) different cities. As you can see, I am quite the visual planner. Funny thing is, I am not even close to being done. LOL. I'll be back with more very soon.

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