This will be MY WNBA SUMMER!

Posted by Alex W.C. on 9:27 PM
Hello all! If you have made your way to my page, then I do hope, like me, you are a avid supporter of the WNBA. If you are just a weekend fan, or more of a die hard (like me) who can't wait for the league to start in May; Welcome!

My name is Alex, and I am from Phoenix, AZ. Yes, it's hot here. Let's get past that, shall we? LOL!

This summer, 2009, I am going to embark on the ULTIMATE journey for any WNBA fan; I am going to travel to the home court of every team in the league to catch a game. That's right, all 13 teams (it should have been 14!! Why did Houston have to fold? Yeah, I am a bit bummed that I will not get to see Tina Thompson in action in a comets jersey, but I'll get over it.)

Why? Well, I have a few reasons:

1) The Haters!

You know these people; the ones lurking in the WNBA message boards, complaining that the WNBA games are not exciting, the scorng is low, that they should lower the rim so that there are more dunks, blah blah blah. Talking nothing but trash. I seriously doubt any of them have taken in a WNBA game in person. Even if you changed the WNBA the way they wanted, they would still hate. To heck with them! (Sorry, I need to watch my language, I am a school teacher, tee hee) This summer is all about the WNBA fans! With all the free agent trades and some hot prospects coming up in the draft, this season is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet. The haters can say what they want, but I know that this trip is going to be an absolute blast!

2) The Fans!

When I watch and listen to (AM radio! good times!) other WNBA games, I see the best sports fans around; fans of the WNBA!! I can't wait to hang with everyone out there. Below is my tentative travel schedule; if I am going to be in your town, drop me a line @ 13cities1journey@gmail.com !! I would love to meet passionate fans like me!!! Also, check out my youtube page, http://www.youtube.com/user/13teams1journey

I'll begin in Detroit on 6/28, then off to Atlanta on 6/30, San Antonio 7/3, L.A. 7/5, Sacramento 7/7, Seattle 7/9, Chicago 7/10, Minnesota 7/15, Indianapolis 7/17, Washington, D.C. 7/18, N.Y. 7/19, and Connecticut on 7/22. And to end it, the All-Star game in Connecticut on July 25th!!

3) The Games!

Nothing beats a WNBA game, unless it is 13 of them! Just to get to see every team on their own turf, visit new cities and to add new experiences to my memory books. I can't wait!!

Ok, that is all from me. I will be updating this page with new posts and videos showing my I am planning to prepare for this monumental task. Check back often. Want to share? Leave a comment here or at my youtube page. (see video below)

This will be my WNBA summer. Make it your WNBA summer too!!!


Cool idea! Good luck with your Journey!

We look forward to meeting you in the Nation's Capital.

Wow! This sounds like a heck of a trip- and so compact! I hope you remember where you are by the end of it- could get confusing otherwise!

See you at the Garden- just look for a loudmouth in a Lobo jersey.

There is a fan at CT Sun who has probably been to all the arenas but not in one year, I don't think?? She goes to the Sun away games in particular. No matter, I believe this will be a once in a lifetime (WNBA women's basketball) memory.

I think you should let Donna O know about your trip at the following email address dorender@nba.com.

When in CT (for both events) stop by Sec 24, Row 1 and introduce yourself. I'm the nut that likes to wear GIANT basketballs for earrings.

Rosie P.

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